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  • Copper Sponge Electrode Substrate of Lithium Iron Battery Material

    Copper Sponge Electrode Substrate of Lithium Ir...

    Copper foamed has good mechanical properties and processing properties, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and has a large number of three-dimensional three-dimensional porous structures inside the material. At the same time, it has the alkali corrosion resistance, good tensile strength and ductility of metal copper itself. And has better electromagnetic shielding and noise reduction shock absorption. It can be widely used in heat dissipation and heat exchange materials of electr...

  • Porous Copper Foam

    Porous Copper Foam

    1. Pore characteristics and bulk density Aperture: 0.1mm-10mm (5-120ppi) Porosity: 50%-98% Through hole rate: ≥98% Bulk density: 0.1-0.8g/cm3   2. Main features: 1) Foam copper has excellent thermal conductivity and can be widely used for thermal conduction and heat dissipation of motors/electrical appliances and electronic components. 2) Because of its excellent electrical conductivity, copper foam is also being used in the electrode materials of nickel-zinc batteries and electric double-la...

  • New material foam metal nickel foam

    New material foam metal nickel foam

    Metal foam is a new type of material, although it has been widely used in batteries and other industries, the following briefly summarizes the basic characteristics of metal foam: Due to the special structure of metal foam, it has many excellent properties that are different from traditional materials, such as: 1. High porosity: almost fully transparent structure with a porosity of more than 98%, as a filter material, the pressure drop is small and the flow rate is high; 2. Large specific su...

  • Copper Foam

    Copper Foam

    Product Description Copper Foam has been widely used as the preparation of the battery negative carrier material, electrode substrate of lithium ion battery or fuel, cellcatalyst carrier and electromagnetic shielding materials. Especially copper foam is the base material used as an electrode of the battery, with some obvious advantages. Product Feature 1) copper foam has excellent thermal properties, can be widely used in motor/electrical and electronic components of the heat conduction radi...

  • Nickel Foam

    Nickel Foam

    Product Description Porous metal foam is a new type of porous structure metal material with a certain number and size pore size and a certain porosity. The material has the characteristics of small bulk density, large specific surface area, good energy absorption, high specific strength and specific rigidity. The through-hole body has strong heat exchange and heat dissipation capabilities, good sound absorption performance, and excellent permeability and permeability. Foam metal with di...

  • Translucent Aluminum Foam

    Translucent Aluminum Foam

    Translucent Aluminum Foam panel is extremely lightweight and allows light to pass through.Also known as decorative panels. A unique and visually stunning surface material that is more than skin deep Provides beauty, strength and lightweight acoustic solutions for a variety of creative opportunities.Its metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes is one of a kind worldwide. It has been widely used in many fields like:Exterior Wall Cladding,Interior Wall Cladding,Ceiling Tiles,Rest...

  • Open Cell Aluminum Foam

    Open Cell Aluminum Foam

    Production Description & Features Open-cell aluminum foam refers to aluminum foam with interconnected internal pores, with a pore size of 0.5-1.0mm, a porosity of 70-90%, and a porosity of 55-65%. Due to its metal characteristics and porous structure, through-hole aluminum  foam has excellent sound absorption and fire resistance, and is dust-proof, environment-friendly and waterproof, and can be used as a noise reduction material for a long time under complex working conditions. Product ...

  • Composite panel

    Composite panel

    Production Description Composite panel of Aluminum Foam with marble which is a heavy natural stone cut into 3mm thin layer, processed and combined with ultralight foamed aluminum.  It’s not only maintains panel’s solidity but also the weight of our stone is ultralight, so that it could easily be used in a wide range of environment such as interior, exterior, container(train), yacht or cruise ship cabin, elevator material, furniture and materials for remodeling old buildings. ...

  • AFP with punched holes

    AFP with punched holes

    Production Description In order to reach best sound absorption effect in outdoor, highway, railway,etc., we have developed a special processed AFP . Punch holes regularly on the AFP as a proportion of 1%-3%,with excellent sound absorption performance and high sound absorption rate. Sound insulation board made of foam aluminum sandwich board, 20mm thick, sound insulation 20 ~ 40dB. The sound absorption rate measured by the standing wave method is 40% ~ 80% in the range of 1000Hz to 2000H...

  • Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

    Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

    Product Specifications Closed-cell Aluminum Foam Panel Basic Feature Chemical Composition Over 97% Aluminum Cell Type Closed-cell Density 0.3-0.75g/cm3 Acoustic Feature Acoustic absorption Coefficient NRC 0.70~0.75 Mechanical Feature Tensile strength 2~7Mpa Compressive strength 3~17Mpa Thermal Feature Thermal conductivity 0.268W/m.K Melting point Approx. 780℃ Extra Feature Electromagnetic waves shielding ability Over 90d...

  • Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panel

    Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panel

    Product Features ● Ultra-Light/Low Weight ● High Specific Stiffness ● Aging Resistance ● Good Energy Absorption ● Impact Resistance Product Specifications Density 0.25g/cm³~0.75g/cm³ Porosity 75%~90% Pore diameter Main 5 – 10 mm Compressive strength 3mpa~17mpa Bending strength 3mpa~15mpa Specific strength: It can bear more than 60 times of its own weight Fire resistance, No combustion, No toxic gas Corrosion resistance, long service life Product specification...

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BEIHAI Composite Materials Group is a big group which has over 2300 workers with 6 different factories. We are special for producing different building materials for over 26 years.
We are the first company in China who has set up own factory producing AFP(Aluminum Foam Panel).We have a group of technical core who have high technique and many years’ actual working experience.

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  • A new type of metal foam heat pipe radiator

    A novel metal foam heat pipe radiator includes a radiator body and more than one heat pipe, the heat pipe is arranged on the radiator body, and also includes foam metal, and the metal foam is arranged on the outer wall of the heat pipe. The utility model adopts metal foam on the outer wall of th...

  • Metal foam material to manufacture graphics card CPU cooler

    With the continuous improvement of the integration of computer accessories, the status of heat dissipation is becoming more and more important. A chip the size of a fingernail integrates as many as ten million transistors. The quality of heat dissipation will directly affect its working condition...

  • Metal foam high specific surface area infrared catalytic combustion panel

    Catalytic combustion is a complete oxidation reaction of fuel on the surface of the catalyst. During the catalytic combustion reaction, the reactants form low-energy surface free radicals on the surface of the catalyst, generate vibrationally excited products, and release energy in the form of in...

  • High temperature corrosion resistant filter element new material nickel alloy metal foam

    Metal foam materials have various porosity (70%-98%), pore size (100u-1000u) and filtration precision The voids of the foamed metal filter element material are different from those of the sintered metal filter element. The through-holes present a uniform three-dimensional structure, with a maxim...

  • What are the similarities and differences between the two metal foams, copper foam and nickel foam?

    What is the difference between the two metal foams, copper foam and nickel foam? 1. Characteristics and advantages of copper foam First of all, let’s take a look at the production process and characteristics of foamed copper; in the structure of foamed copper, copper is mainly used as the ...

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